crash on start up

Hi I just installed Audacity 2.3.0. Whenever I start it up it crashes once I click any menu (or button on menu bar) and a windows of “Debug report preview” shows up. It is not usable at all. I’m using windows 10. I didn’t see similar problem in the forum. So I have to send this as new topic. I attached the debug report. Can someone please help? Thanks a lot! (47.8 KB)

Ensure that your anti-virus (malwarebytes?) is fully updated, then run the Audacity installer again and, during the installation, select the option to “Reset Preferences”. On first launch, confirm to reset preferences.

If the problem persists, please test as many menu items as possible to see if it really is “any menu or button” or “most menus and buttons”. This is not a known problem, so the more details we have the better.

One other question - have earlier versions of Audacity worked successfully on this machine?