Crash on export 2.3.3

I am currently experiencing a crash on 2.3.3 while trying to export an audio file. A window comes up titled debut report, the program then shuts down and the audio is not exported. I’ve tried exporting as MP3, WAV, and the export audio option. I’ve tried reinstalling the program (including deleting all of the files/folders associated with the program) as well as wiping the .cfg clean (along with fresh install as well). I’ve searched for the better part of the last hour and a half or so, and still can’t find a fix to this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Does this only occur with one specific project?

It happens with anything I try to export. I’ve been trying to make a simple voice recording and each time I make a new one just for testing purposes, this happens. It asks if I’d like to recover the file upon the next launch, which I decline, then make a new one with the same result.

Any recording that I make is unable to export. I’ve been trying to make voice recordings, the crash happens every time. It prompts to recover upon the next startup, which I then decline, same result.

Where are you exporting to?
What is the full and exact name of the exported file?
Does the crash also happen if you “Generate” audio rather than “Record”? (Try generating a tone into a new project, and see if you can export it).

I can’t even get to a point to set a destination or name the file, the crash happens right when I click export. I’ve tried generating a track and I got the same result, crash right upon clicking export.

Are you able to import files? (“File menu > Import > Audio”)

It turns out that it was a problem with Windows I suppose… A few more programs started acting up and I had to manually go through a bunch of .dll files… nothing to do with drivers or anything, oddly.