CRASH but files are still here

Hello I just had a crash and this is 2 weeks work I have here.

I opened my session and got the ORPHAN FILES message, and all my sound is gone.
HOWEVER I did not change the name of any files, the _aup file is here and the _data file is full of 2 Go of data. the .au file are there.
How can I show Audacity the way to find those files ? Or any way I can open a new session with this data file ? Here attached are 3 screenshots.

This is a 2 week musical work I cannot re-do the same.
Thank you SOOO much for your help !!!

Capture d’écran 2021-04-01 à 01.10.34.png
Capture d’écran 2021-04-01 à 01.07.49.png
Capture d’écran 2021-04-01 à 01.07.35.png

Open up your AUP file in a text editor. Don’t save anything. Does it look anything like this? English words in a funny order? I don’t know if foreign language Audacity versions have English, but I think so.

Is it blank? Does it have nonsense characters or full of NULNULNUL?


no it has the correct name in the textedit, see attached document
Capture d’écran 2021-04-04 à 04.35.53.png

Here is the beginning of the text edit (too long for me to copy the whole file here) there is no 0000000

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?>
<!DOCTYPE project PUBLIC "-//audacityproject-1.3.0//DTD//EN" "" >
<project xmlns="" projname="Alain photographe_data" version="1.3.0" audacityversion="2.3.3" sel0="540.9320634921" sel1="540.9320634921" vpos="0" h="0.0000000000" zoom="0.3364562988" rate="44100.0" snapto="off" selectionformat="hh:mm:ss + milliseconds" frequencyformat="Hz" bandwidthformat="octaves">
		<tag name="YEAR" value="2020"/>
		<tag name="TITLE" value="Llorona"/>
		<tag name="GENRE" value="chanson"/>
		<tag name="ARTIST" value="Sarah Roubato"/>
		<tag name="ALBUM" value="D&apos;une rive à l&apos;autre"/>
	<labeltrack name="Piste de marqueur" isSelected="0" height="73" minimized="0" numlabels="14">
		<label t="-9.9193834651" t1="68.8521911107" title=" france 24"/>
		<label t="116.6986290012" t1="116.6986290012" title="paupérisation"/>
		<label t="219.4754762457" t1="219.4754762457" title=" un vrai métier"/>
		<label t="296.1227664399" t1="296.1227664399" title="journal du confinement"/>
		<label t="443.1630436319" t1="461.0325211977" title="tchat nocturne"/>
		<label t="519.8559238788" t1="519.8559238788" title="témoigner"/>
		<label t="614.2724084100" t1="614.2724084100" title="comment faire autrement : besoin de présence"/>
		<label t="730.3224452215" t1="730.3224452215" title="renouveau en temps de crise"/>
		<label t="811.7231746032" t1="811.9356462549" title="on est dans un pli = intro et final"/>
		<label t="860.4235507088" t1="860.4235507088" title="circuits courts"/>
		<label t="977.2172085822" t1="977.2172085822" title="rassemblements plein air"/>
		<label t="1030.9793685335" t1="1030.9793685335" title="culture mainstream, public"/>
		<label t="1567.9637088182" t1="1567.9637088182" title="ça part de l&apos;individu ou du collectif : ex Elie"/>
		<label t="2276.5903948847" t1="2289.7554589689" title="best of générique"/>
	<wavetrack name="R26_0003_3" isSelected="0" height="150" minimized="0" channel="0" linked="1" mute="1" solo="0" rate="44100" gain="1.0" pan="0.0" colorindex="0">
		<waveclip offset="0.00000000" colorindex="0">
			<sequence maxsamples="262144" sampleformat="262159" numsamples="13700305">
				<waveblock start="0">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="198619" min="-0.348816" max="0.241696" rms="0.029753"/>
				<waveblock start="198619">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="177302" min="-0.141747" max="0.111507" rms="0.01106"/>
				<waveblock start="375921">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="200637" min="-0.191453" max="0.113683" rms="0.018988"/>
				<waveblock start="576558">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="231979" min="-0.256611" max="0.117669" rms="0.027174"/>
				<waveblock start="808537">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="262144" min="-0.156917" max="0.072739" rms="0.017022"/>
				<waveblock start="1070681">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="233999" min="-0.111274" max="0.058494" rms="0.014488"/>
				<waveblock start="1304680">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="161226" min="-0.177207" max="0.084386" rms="0.015724"/>
				<waveblock start="1465906">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="262144" min="-0.211269" max="0.165807" rms="0.038112"/>
				<waveblock start="1728050">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="164041" min="-0.199706" max="0.098447" rms="0.032689"/>
				<waveblock start="1892091">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="144752" min="-0.249593" max="0.122891" rms="0.036392"/>
				<waveblock start="2036843">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="144752" min="-0.216707" max="0.113107" rms="0.030953"/>
				<waveblock start="2181595">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="148965" min="-0.179742" max="0.111915" rms="0.02336"/>
				<waveblock start="2330560">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="150372" min="-0.195414" max="0.125774" rms="0.028925"/>
				<waveblock start="2480932">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="156805" min="-0.146931" max="0.08936" rms="0.023779"/>
				<waveblock start="2637737">
					<simpleblockfile filename="" len="156904" min="-0.34729" max="0.306522" rms="0.037012"/>