Crash after upload of mp3 music into voice track

Running Windows 7 and downloaded new audacity from .exe file previously but this is first time I used it on this computer.

There were multiple crashes of audacity after uploading audio mp3 files into a voice track. Each time I was able to restart audacity and continue working. Windows told me I could restore the audacity files and so I continued working, opening audacity after each crash. I finished the show (runs 1 hour), backed it up and tried to close audacity but got a not responding so forced a close. Thought that ended the problem, but my enthusiasm was premature. After backing up my files I tried to shut down computer. It wouldn’t close so I did a hard boot. When I went to restart Windows wouldn’t start. The repair screen came up and I ran it and ultimately picked a restore point to get it going again. Then I shut it down and restarted again and another screen appeared that said start windows normally which I did. I shut it down again, and restarted as by now I was feeling gun shy but this time everything was fine with the windows start up.

So I pressed on and started audacity again. Went to recent files, and my .aup file wasn’t there but figured that was due to the restore point. Then went to open file, and located .aup file in documents and clicked on it, but my hour glass just whirled and whirled and when audacity wouldn’t respond I had to force a close again. I was able to do a Windows shut down without any difficulty.

But the problem remains, How can I load my show into audacity and continue to do the final digital edit of it? And what’s the glitch with the upload of audio into a voice track? This is the first time I’ve run into such a problem. I have 49 one-hour shows on my website [Advert deleted by moderator] and they are all recorded on audacity. This is the first show I’ve tried to produce using Windows 7 and audacity 2. .exe file. All the other shows were produced using the older audacity on Windows XP.

Also there is a secondary issue that happened today that is not as critical as the first, but still irksome. I noticed that the compressor doesn’t work as well in this version. I had to apply the effect a number of times with the same settings I have used right along on the other 49 shows but I don’t get the results that the first version provided.

I’d appreciate your insights here. This is my first post and I’m glad to have a place to explain the problem and receive input. :slight_smile:

I had to apply the effect a number of times with the same settings I have used right along on the other 49 shows but I don’t get the results that the first version provided.

Note how artfully I ignored the first question.
The compressor depends quite a bit on the volume of the show before it’s applied. It sounds like you’re having a terrible time with the basic show and this could be one of the fall-out problems.

Describe the show process. We got all your sturm und drang and smoke and fire, what was supposed to happen? Where does the sound come from? Who is performing and where? How sure are you that the work is in MP3? If your original Audacity had the FFMpeg software applied, the show could have been in a number of advanced formats and you would have no way of knowing.

If the new computer trying to run Audacity over a network? Audacity doesn’t much like that…


Try leaving it to whirl for an hour and see if an error message comes up eventually. I suspect that Audacity is unable to locate the data files for the project.

Multiple crashes are worrying. Perhaps the sound card drivers need to be updated. Note that Windows usually tries to be clever and use its own generic sound card drivers rather than the manufacturers drivers, so you need to check carefully with the manufacturers website that you have the current drivers for your computer and sound card. See here for help with this:

Could the resolution be that simple…“audacity doesn’t like network’s much.” Well my producer and I appreciated both inputs from you folks. She developed this plan to employ both suggestions. Plan A involved trying to load the program into audacity 2.0 on the desktop as the easier option before implementing Plan B, detailing every action taken to produce the show in the first place. FYI the way we approach each show is that I select the music for the show, write the script and lay down the voice track in all in one piece. There are licenses from BMI and ASCAP to cover the music used in the shows. The music is then cut in by the producer and comes from ripped tracks off CDs in my collection and from mp3 downloads I buy.

The producer will pick up from here and explain what she did next. I there…Producer here…I went back to the old desktop, (soon to be replaced by an all-in-one in the mail), a device wired via ethernet through our DSL modem and router for our LAN and opened the .aup file that was produced through all the crashes last night by selecting Open on the File menu. The file loaded, although there was a warning about all the data files may not be complete. I continued loading what there was of the data files anyway. Voila! Before my eyes I see the whole show, all 64 minutes of it. I made some edits to the intros and outros to make the music tighter and to take the sting out of some of the brash sounds on the voice track.

The final step will be to export the show to an mp3 file and then upload that file to SoundCloud, load a written playlist and .jpg photo and finally link it the [Advert deleted by moderator] website with another written playlist loaded there.

And there you have it, a crash free final production of Program 50 on the internet wired desktop is good to go. Thanks guys. Couldn’t have done with without your input. Really appreciate you being there. Have a good one, whatever time zone you are in. :smiley: