Crackling that started after system restore.

I have used Audacity for many years and never had any issues - until today.

I did a complete restore of my Dell comp - running windows 7.

Before the restore - I was always able to record audio from a wav file on a thumb drive, edit, and save as an mp3.

Now when I try - when the person is speaking - the audio crackles - tried the same using a youtube video with audio - same crackle.

When not being played back from the recording in audacity - this crackle is not heard!

Any help would be appreciated!


I moved this to the correct Windows board for you.

Did you explicitly use System Restore to return the computer to a previous Restore Point? Or are you talking about reinstalling Windows and/or formatting the drive?

You may want to reinstall the audio device you are using - is it motherboard sound? Reinstalling the audio device is mandatory if you reinstalled Windows. Otherwise you will only have generic audio drivers made by Microsoft, instead of audio drivers specific to your hardware.

If you have a drivers CD, reinstall the audio drivers from that if those always worked before. Otherwise, go to the Dell web site, find your exact computer model then download the latest Windows 7 audio drivers for that computer model. If you have 64-bit Windows 7, you will need the 64-bit audio drivers if they are separately available.