Crackling/Static while recording with USB Microphone

I don’t know if this forum is where i should post this question, but I recently upgraded the RAM of my computer to 8gb on my gigabyte GA 78lmt s2pt motherboard. I have been using the CAD U37 usb microphone with the same motherboard for over a year with no issues.
after the RAM upgrade though, every time i record with audacity and my microphone, there is this weird crackling noise that i’ll sometime hear. It has no discernible pattern (the static). It sometimes get too loud and overpowers my vocals, sometimes quietens down to just a couple of little crackling sounds but it has become really annoying.

I will attach an audio file with the crackling sound; in this recording i was merely mashing buttons on my controller and you can hear the crackling all the way.

Any help is appreciated.

You did not attach anything. Please see here for how to attach files: