Crackling Sound During Playback

Hi all!

Operating on Mac OS 10.14.5 Mojave , and Audacity 2.3.2 -

At first I thought this might have been an issue with my microphone, but after recording in another studio and then opening that mp3 file in my audacity, I experienced the same issue. There is a pervasive crackling sound over much of my audio when listening to it in the audacity program. As mentioned, if I record it elsewhere and it’s fine, then I open it on my audacity, the crackling is all over the audio. However, if I then export it, and open it up in iTunes to listen to, the crackling is gone. It’s only when I’m listening in Audacity.

However, if I do in fact RECORD in my audacity, the crackling is there both when I’m listening in the program, AND on the final product…

I tried re-downloading the program, didn’t fix it. Thoughts, anyone? Thank you!

Maybe this will help: