Crackling noise during vocal recording

I am new to audacity. I am doing a multi-track vocal recording. I have become familiar with noise reduction, G-verb and other features which are great. For some reason, I am still getting a crackling buzz sound during the actual vocal parts, not during silent parts… I am thinking it is probably just the microphone. I am using the built-in microphone on my laptop. Please check the attached sample.

2 questions:

Is there anyway to fix the crackling that I have on the recording?

Can anyone suggest a good microphone to use for this type of vocal recording?

Thanks in advance…

You also have talking into a rain barrel problems. You probably have Windows enhanced services running and they’re trying to “help you” make a phone conference. Also, it’s a completely bad idea to record live voice without headphones.


The barrel sound was from a G-verb setting that I applied… can you suggest a good G-verb setting for this type of vocal track? Keep in mind that this is a four-part blending track… I only provided a sample of 1 part…

Not sure what you mean about “record live voice without headphones?” I have been using headphones… maybe I am misunderstanding what you mean…

Any suggestions about the best way to do this type of recording? microphone? other setup options?