Crackling in recordings. Mac OS

Hi, I have my iPhone connected to my MacBook. Using the Midi app. Records well for about 2 hours then crackling begins on recording. This is problem is consistant. Always about 2 hours. I have reloaded new & old versions. Currently 2.3.2. Play through is turned off. Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6.

Using a USB to Lightning cable? How full is the Mac? Do you get extensive spinning daisies when you restart it? That sounds exactly like running out of room.

You are not urged to use external, network, internet-connected, or cloud drives. Audacity doesn’t get along with those.

What happens when you record totally on your iPhone? A two-hour stereo WAV show comes in at 1.27 GB. My little iPhone SE has 250GB of on-board storage.


Not a room problem. The recording continues on an exportable but with the clicking. I’ve tried change the buffer settings but don’t understand them. Have tried on newer MacBook running Audacity 3.3.3 and happens again, plus a new problem. Stops recording on it own. Hit record again and I get, -9986 internal portaudio error message. have to quit & start.
So it must be something with my old iPhone SE.

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