Crackling/Clicking/Tapping noise on Audio

Hi there, I’m brand new to the forum and new to the software. Me and my friends are starting a podcast and have recorded a couple of episodes but after listening back to the audio I have discovered that there is a clicking sound occurring randomly during the audio, may be static, may be something else, I’m not sure. I have tried everything I can to get rid of it but nothing has worked, I used the noise reduction and click reduction tools, I have also exhausted my search on line for any answers and I really don’t know what to do anymore. I think it must be a way i am recording as I can’t think of anything else. We are using a samson Q2U mike through a USB connection on my laptop, I have tried various things like reducing the gain to reduce the static or external noise that I’m getting but nothing seems to work at all.
I would really appreciate any help that you can offer as I’m at a loss and brand new to all this equipment.
Thanks, I attach an 11 second clip of the podcast to show you what I mean
11 sec clip.aup (1.12 KB)

Actually, an AUP is the Project Manager text file for an Audacity Project, not a sound file.

A project is a matched set of AUP and _DATA folder.

If you want to post a sound sample, Export a sample in WAV (Microsoft).


Sorry, like I said, I’m a bit new to all this, thanks for the patience and advice. Here is a WAV file of the clip. You can notice the problem more right at the end of the clip, ignore the creaking chairs! That’s our fault!

Did you ever get help with this issue? Having the exact same problem and am new to this as well…

See this FAQ for some ideas: Scroll down a little to read the relevant part.

If you still need help, please start a new topic in the Mac board and tell us everything about your playback and recording equipment, how it is connected and exactly what you are trying to record.

Also for anyone else, please start a new topic so we can deal only with your specific issues.