Crackle with UAD Interface

Hi community,

Trying to keep it short:

UAD Apollo Twin X @ 192khz, 512 Buffer, Clock:Internal
Windows Speaker & Windows Mic @ 32bit 192khz
Audacity @32bit 192khz Wasapi (Latency 100ms standard settings)
OS: Windows 11
Audacity Version: latest

Recording is destroyed and sounds like:!AubrBNqET6WngsNcw1PAAF_gwBnajw

What can I do?
Asio in FLSTUDIO works well. But i need it via wasapi.

Do you need further information from my side?
Can I assist somewhere?


Why do you need WASAPI rather than MME?
Why do you need 192 kHz rather than the default 44.1?

I need Wasapi to be able to record next to Qobuz playing at 192kHz. When the interface is set to this resolution the Input must be at 192kHz too.

I could find a bypass solution in the meantime.
The issue is that Apollo does not support 32bit if I understood correctly.

So as Windows lets me only select 32bit it destroys the stream and audacity gets a damaged stream.

So far it’s all fine with Audacity.

Have a good one,