Crackle with Sierra?

Has anyone else experienced a crackle when recording on Mac since updating to Sierra?

I encountered it late last year soon after updating to Sierra, on a set-up that was otherwise the same as I had been using without problems for years. The crackle usually starts 7-15 minutes in to a recording and continues from then on. I tried replacing out every element of the recording chain but the crackle only went away when I used a different computer.

Since then I’ve been recording using a friend’s computer and everything was fine till last week when suddenly the crackle returned. My friend then mentioned in passing that she had just updated that computer to Sierra the week beforehand, so I’m now thinking Sierra is the culprit.

I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.2

Has anyone else experienced this, and anyone found a solution?


Please see this FAQ (it is in the Manual for not-yet-released alpha 2.1.3-alpha. so don’t read anything else in it):

Does that help?

Yes a few users have said this about Sierra but some have said that following the FAQ provides correction.

You could provide an audio sample of your problem. Please see how to attach files to forum posts. If you need more help please exactly what you are recording, with what equipment (makes and model numbers always help).