Crackle Noise while recording


I know there are a number of threads going on weird crackling noises when recording. I’ve ready loads of them and still hhaven’t managed to find a solution to my problem.

To give a little background, I’m running traktor through my laptop to Maya 44 usb external soundcard through my mixer. The master output goes into the amp and plays crystal clear sound through the speakers. The booth output gets played back into the line in 1/2 of the maya 44 and recorded through this input via audacity. As soon as any noise is picked up there is a very audible crackle noise which persists until all sound is cancelled.

I thought my mixer was on the blink so tried a direct input from ipod to maya to audacity. Crackle is still there. Exactly the same as previously.

I’ve tried messing about with the latency 2.5ms up to 23ms. Problem is still there.

I’ve tried messing about with the input volume to make sure i’m not clipping the signal. Problem is still there.

Now i’m thinking… Is this a problem with windows 7?? I neverhad the problem with xp.

Any help/ advice would be much appreciated!


If you need help with a problem it is generally better to start a new topic rather than add onto the end of an old one.

Could you post a short sample of a recording so that we can see/hear what sort of crackle noise it is (just a couple of seconds in WAV format)
See here for how to post WAV files: