Cracking sound loop

I have a trombone sample that I want to extend length so I have made a loop, but I have a problem.
I have attached project file so please first open it in order to understand what the problem is.

I have selected part of original sound (label Source) and copied it to the end and reversed it (label Copy of source reversed), so that sound is not looped, but extended. Then I have repeated copy of source part + reversed copy multiple times.
Problem is that in place where copied parts are merging, you can hear cracking sounds, and I don’t know how to remove it.
Please use headphones to hear it.

Can someone help? (776 KB)

Sorry, I can’t listen or experiment right now (but thanks for attaching a clip, it might be helpful).

Usually the glitch like that is caused by cutting in the middle of a wave, so try cutting on [u]zero crossings[/u]. If that doesn’t work try a [u]crossfade[/u]. If the levels are matched a short crossfade (several milliseconds) is probably best but you can experiment and maybe one second or more will sound smoother.

If the timing is critical, of course a crossfade with shorten the overall time since the sounds overlap.

If you want realism, don’t reverse the audio, just repeat (loop) it, and apply PaulStretch to add some slight variation …

( If you must reverse, repair the joins to remove the crack).

Yes, that works!

That’s a very nice idea.
I will definitely try this.
Thanks, you are very smart person.