Cracking noise where two clips are joined.


I have an incredibly annoying issue.

So I’m recording a song, I’ve cut and pasted some clips together, and where they join, there’s a small cracking/ crackling/ popping noise.

The noise is not there at all on any of the original clips. So it’s not an issue with the recording itself.

Typically, I probably wouldn’t even have noticed it were it elsewhere in the song. But in accordance with my luck at the moment, this issue has occurred in the quiet, breakdown bit in the song.

Anything I can do to resolve the issue? Before I go nuts and kill everyone I’ve ever cared about?

I don’t want to do that, obviously. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Try using a short crossfade between the clips (see:

Yes! That worked! Thank you very much!

I had to do some experimenting, by zooming right in and seeing how little of the track I could get away with cross fading, so as to actually remove the noise but not shorten the clip too much. If you get me?

Thanks again though. You saved many lives :wink: xxx