crackeling buzz sound when playing sounds

I am a new blind Audacity user. I am using Windows 7 and audacity 2.0.1 when I play any sound all I hear is a buzz. It sounds much like ignission noise over a radio. When I play files with Windows media player they play fine. I also use goldwave. When I play files using Goldwave they work fine. When I play the same file with Audacity I get the buzz.


Open a fresh Audacity and Generate > Tone > OK. Do you hear a pure, clean audio tone?


Thanks for the responce. When I do a fresh open of Audacity and generate a tone and then play the tone I hear the same buzz. I am using thw 64 bit version of Windows 7. I did nto mention that in my previous post.


This complaint has floated for a while because it’s very odd. I’ve taken the problem both backward and forward and I can’t think of an easy scenario. That is, I tried to imagine what could cause that and then I tried to imagine that somebody is going to write me a generous check to create this problem. No luck either way.

OK, try this. Generate the tone again and while it’s on the timeline File > Export WAV and when it’s done, try to play that file in Something Else. Anything else. Do you get a pure fluty tone or buzz?

Our problem is you have conflicting symptoms. You get sound, so the computer and Audacity routing are correct. but you get a very highly distorted sound which has little or nothing to do with the actual show. This is most unusual. If the bitstream is damaged, Audacity will usually complain bitterly about it but give you no sound.


Could you give more details.
How are you listening to Audacity? Headphones or speakers? How are they connected to the computer? Is it a laptop computer? What sort of buzz is it? Is it a loud buzz or a quiet buzz? If you play music through Audacity, can you hear the music and the buzz or just a buzz?

Try generating some silence in Audacity, and then play it. Do you hear silence or a buzz?

Check in the bottom of the Transport menu and ensure that “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected).

So, I have played with audacity more. I have discovered that when I turn on software playthrough and play other tracks while recording I can record. Ofcourse when I do this I have unexceptable latency. Does this give any new ideas. I am using a USB recording interface. It ids a focusrite scarlot 2I2. Does this give any new ideas. My objective is to do sound on sound music recordings.


What settings do you have in the Device Toolbar?
Are the playback and recording settings set to the USB option?
Are you listening through headphones or speakers and how are they connected to the system?

I am listening through headphones connected to the Focusrite scarlet 2i USB interface. The USB device is set in both the record and play tabs. I can hear audio from the microphone just fine.


That’s all correct.
“Software Playthrough” should be off (not selected) and “Overdub” should be on (selected).

I have solved the problem. It turns out it appeared to be several settings. First of all in the quality tab I did not have 32 bit floating set. Then I needed to add values in the Latency audio to buffer. I set this to 75. Next I set the Latency setting to -150 and everything works fine. Thanks for all your help.

Don Mitchell