coverting mini disc to CD

I have a Sony MZ R50 MD didgital recorder. My problem has been to convert my mini disc digital live recordigs to a CD.I want to find out if there is any way to do this using Audacity or can someone direct me in some way.

Audacity isn’t a very good converter. Google your brains out. The Sony DAT machines have the same problem.

While you’re searching, you can transfer all the work into your Mac with a Headphone to Line-In cable…

Record in Audacity. This works with a Windows Deskside machine, too, but slightly noisier and more distortion likely. It rarely works with a Windows Laptop.


This will probably be true if your computer has an “on board” sound card, but if you use a good quality PCI sound card (for example a SoundBlaster Live, or M-Audio Audiophile 2496, or …) or a USB sound card (for example a Behringer UCA 202) you should be able to achieve excellent quality recordings.

For a PC laptop, an external USB sound card will probably be required for good sound quality.

I use a MZ r 5o mini disc to record our live shows, and audacity to convert to CD. It’s probably the long version, but it works real well for me. Take a line out from your Minidisc to your computer. Set Audacity on Line In, hit record on Audacity and play on minidisc, watch your levels are not to hot. When the song ends, push pause on the minidisc, clean up the start and end of the song wav,(i usally cut and silence the start,fade the end, normalize, duplicate, then make stereo trk), export it to a folder in your documents, hit record on audacity, unpause the minidisc and record the next song. It takes a while, but you can get some great sounding CD’s this way. Hope this helps>>>> Mike