Couple of small but annoying Export to MP3 glitches

MacOS Mojave 10.14.5, Audacity 2.3.2

I am converting sermon recordings from a dictaphone to MP3. Every time I come to do the export, I have two issues which I generally forget until they catch me out, as I do this only once every few weeks.

  • If my original file is called 201902041105 (based on date and time) I want to keep this but paste in the sermon title. I’ll copy this from another document and put the cursor at the end of the title in the form, press SPACE, then CMD-V. It removes the existing content (which is NOT selected) and REPLACES it rather than appending it with the selected text. If I instead right-click and select PASTE from the menu, it works perfectly. Weird.

  • The original file-name it suggests for me does not contain any file-extension, though file-type of MP3 is selected. When I save, I get a popup warning me I’m saving without the right extension. My only choices are to continue or cancel… no option to auto-fix. And why doesn’t it add the .MP3 in the suggested file-name to remind me this is not auto-added?

If I am doing 20 files I remember after I screw up the first one, but as it is these catch me every time :slight_smile:
Thanks - and happy Christmas!