Couple of really dumb basic questions

Alright I have been fiddling for a while and im just getting plane frustrated now… :imp:

Sometimes, if I click a track… it will zoom onto the top have or the bottom half of the track, while all of the other tracks remain looking the same. I cannot for the life of me figure out what causes this to happen or how to go back. The undo button doesnt seem to change anything. Closing the project and reopening it again makes it go back to normal.

Also, I am trying to put several tracks together from seperate project files. I simply copied and pasted one track into another blank track. When I select, or highlight this track, I would like to drag the audio to the correct position for everything to sound correct, but there does not seem to be a drag feature. The only thing I can do is add blank noise to the beginning until it fits but that seems horribly inefficient and I know you must be able to drag an audio file further to the left or right.

Sorry I know these are really basic questions but I cant figure it out XD


I may have one of these.

Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [X] Automatically Fit…

If you have that selected, Audacity will try to fill the work window with the show. If you don’t have that selected, Audacity will spill the show out the bottom if it doesn’t fit…

What happens if you copy the work from one Project, select a point in the new Project and just paste it?

You can always create several new tracks, paste the work into those and just use the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to push the new work into position. Use the MUTE and SOLO buttons to the left to turn on and off each track. The show will mix down to stereo when you Export.


Left click on the vertical track ruler will zoom in vertically. Right click on the vertical track ruler to zoom back out.

Audio clips (sections of an audio track) can be dragged left/right, or even to another track, provided that the audio that you are dragging is a separate “clip”. You can’t just “rip apart” an audio track :slight_smile: The “Time Shift Tool” is what you use for dragging audio clips around.See:

Yea thanks all!

I was looking everywhere except for where I needed too XD