Couple Of Questions On Recording and Editing

Audacity 2.0.3 ( .exe) Win 7 Home Premium

Works fine for recording web sounds using sound activated recording, with one problem. When there are pauses, the program stops recording then restarts. That’s fine, but it makes it hard to find the breaks in the tracks for labeling. Is there a way to set a duration of silence before stopping to allow for 3-4 seconds of silence?

Other than manual/visual, is there a way to hunt/seek silence between tracks to help in setting labels?

When ready to Export, you have to use the MetaData editor to store some information, then use Export Multiple before encoding. Is there a way to combine those steps? Use Export Multiple to set the MetaData for all current racks?

2.0.3 is very old now. I recommend you upgrade to the latest 2.1.2 from

No, Sound Activation “post-roll” settings would be a “feature request”.

Or use normal recording then the Truncate Silence effect. You can configure how much silence to leave which makes it easier to label silences using Silence Finder or Sound Finder.

Not given the Sound Activated Recording segments are joined together

I am not clear what you want to do, but if you want to avoid entering metadata for each track, turn off Metadata Editor for the export step in Import / Export Preferences.

Please see the green box near the top of that explains the possibilities.


1: Consider it so.

2: That won’t work for recording in absence when you want the recording to stop at the end of something.

3: There is a brief silence at each break, but it’s only less than a second It can be found visually, but can take some examination and comparison.

4: I’ll do some reading. As it is now, when you start to encode, the metadata box comes up for the first track. Whatever you type into that box (album, artist, genre’, etc.) is not retained for subsequent tracks.

If your desired web recordings have quiet audio before Sound Activated Recording stops recording, then you may still be able to use Silence Finder or Sound Finder if you increase “Treat audio below…” and reduce “Minimum duration of silence…”. I suggest you experiment.

It’s a long standing problem of Audacity being unintuitive. You will have to turn off Metadata Editor for the export step in Preferences and then add the fields that are common to each track at File > Edit Metadata… before you export.



2.0.3 is very old now. I recommend you upgrade to the latest 2.1.2 from

Would LAME need to be updated?

No, updating LAME is not required if you upgrade from 2.0.3.

If you are using FFmpeg you will have to update that.


There is an option to adjust db levels on Sound Activation. Might that help preventing the cutoff in some quiet sections and keep recording active? Which way should I try, up or down? I’m not familiar with db levels in this regard.

The Sound Activation Level already is set low enough that it does not cut off recordings immediately. The lower (more leftwards) that the slider is, the less sensitive it is and the more likely that it will continue recording when there is no signal that you want to record.

As it is now, It is probably more useful that you try Silence Finder or Sound Finder to label the pauses between recordings by changing their settings as I described.

If you attach a sample file containing the end of one segment and the start of another we may be able to suggest appropriate Silence Finder/Sound Finder settings (if you need help doing that). See How to post an audio sample.