Count Down Clock

I have been using Audacity for a weekly podcast I publish for the last 2.5 years. It’s a great asset to my work. However, I need some help with an issue I’ve not been able to find an answer to. Each week I will record my podcast and then go back and edit out noises that came through during the recording: i.e. - a cough, sneeze, train going by the building I’m in, wrong pronunciations of words, etc… The podcast normally runs between 30-32 minutes weekly. In order to make sure I fill up that time I normally record 10 plus minutes of extra speaking and then go back and delete, tighten up, move something around, etc… The issue is I never know how much time I still have to edit on the clock that counts forward on the bottom of the app on the screen. I spend time having to stop the editing and hit the forward button to see how many minutes are left that I still need to work through—i.e. - cut out, etc. and then return to where I stopped the editing before doing this. It’s just a time consuming thing. If there was a clock that counted backwards from the end of my speaking while I’m editing on the front end of the recorded material it would work wonders. Am I missing something in the app? Is this feature already available and I’m missing it? If not, could something like this be added on the bottom of the screen that would make this a reality?
Thanks for your assistance and guidance in this matter.

Why not just add a label at the end time:

In my mind if there was just a way to see the time coming down on a digital clock from the end of the vocal in the podcast while I’m editing would benefit me more. Thanks for the suggestion though.