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I am unable to open this file 10_mar.aup which I have sent to several people on from my email. They need to download audacity at which I already have told them. However, when I tried to open this attachment from a mail from my sentbox, the error display is couldn’t find project data folder.I have attached this file to you for troubleshooting .
10_mar.aup (1.93 KB)

That error is exactly what you have to fix. The AUP file is only a text file, so as well as the AUP file you must supply the _data folder (after copying any imported WAV or AIFF files into the project using File > Check Dependencies… ).

Including the _data folder will probably make the project too large to e-mail so send the project by a file sharing service instead, or try File > Save Compressed Copy of Project… . Using that, you still need to include the AUP and _data folder, but the data is a slightly lossy OGG file so is quite small.

See .


What is a file sharing service?

There are sites in the Internet that enable you to upload files for sharing with others (usually for files that are too large for email attachments). Examples are DropBox and SendSpace - I prefer the former as the latter seems more prone to unwanted ads and Malware (I know cos Mrs Waxcylinder complained bitterly about a SendSpace link I sent her with hidden malware - so she pointed me in the direction of DropBox). Other sites are available - most free unless you want to upload “commercial” amounts of data.