Couldn't find project data folder...?

Hi, Wonder if you might be able to help? I’ve just ‘upgraded’ my OS and machine from XP to W10 and successfully migrated a sound file that I was working on, and have worked on it regularly and without any issue for the last few days.

I think you can see where this is going…

Suddenly and without warning, the aup file will not open and I receive messages that say (1) ’ couldn’t find project data folder’ data folder is sat next to aup on desktop, both of which are located on ‘c’ drive) and then (2) ‘could not load file’?

Does anyone have any idea what is happening here and what I can do to resolve the problem?



Did you change the name of the show? The name of the AUP file and the _DATA folder is burned into the programming of the AUP file. You can change it inside Audacity but not outside.

Open the AUP file in notepad and read it. Look for the listing near the top called projname=" That’s the real name of the show and that’s the name that Audacity is going to look for. Close without saving.

Is it possible that your AUP file is really something else? Since Windows insists on hiding filenames, you could really have MyMusic.aup.doc and you would never know. Audacity won’t open that.

There’s a way to force Windows to show you the real filenames. I don’t remember what that is. I’m a Mac elf.

Any of that work?


There’s a more evil possibility. Some virus protection software tries to “manage” Audacity files “to help you” and can cause problems.

And way down at the bottom: Did you update your virus software when you did the OS update? Are you not the only user on your computer?




Firstly, thank you for the speedy reply.

Basically, you nailed it in one. Question is, how the file changed name? Not guilty here and no other user I can blame either.

Unless of course the file was being managed by other sources as you mention…

Thanks also for the notepad tip and I’m pleased to say that all is well with the file now.

Panic over!