Couldn't Find Project Data Folder

Using 2.0.3 on Windows 7. I’ve had three projects completely go up in smoke in recent days, all showing an “Error Opening Project” box when I attempt to open them, and within the error box, the message: “couldn’t find the project data folder:” followed by the name of the project. What’s going on here… and can I get these projects back (yes I have Carbonite, but would like to know whether or not I need to use it in this instance)

Can you find the data folders when you go looking for them? The AUP instruction text file and the _DATA folder with the sound information have to be in the same folder or location. AUP will not go looking all over your computer for the _DATA folder. If it’s not in the immediate folder, it gives up.

Sometimes this happens if someone “cleans up” their computer and organizes the files and folders accidentally separating them.

Audacity creates the AUP file last, so if it got that far, you just have to go manually find the _DATA folders.


Also do yourself a favour and upgrade to the latest, recently released, Audacity 2.0.6

You can get it here: