Couldn't find newbies post here for Q's & A's

Since I looked through all tutorials I can’t find any help. I play the guitar, and I looked on youtube for rhythm tracks of Eric Clapton songs but I cannot find any that meet my demands, so I decided to take on Audacity (didn’t see a post here for newbies board.) All I require to know is how would I get rid of a lead guitar sound using this program? Is it just like getting rid of the vocals or is it something entirely different?

Yes it’s just like getting rid of a lead vocal.
If the recording is stereo and the sound that you want to remove is dead centre in the mix and all other sounds are to the left or right, then the Vocal Remover effect will do an excellent job. If the track is not stereo or if the sound that you want to remove is not dead centre, or if other sounds are dead centre, then it will not produced the desired result. The vocal remover effect works by removing sounds that are dead centre in the mix. Missing features - Audacity Support