Couldn’t find the project data folder.

I hope this finds you well.
I recorded 2 interviews on Audacity and saved exactly as wI always do. The interviews were saved on my Desktop.
When I try to open one of the interviews (in Aup. On my Desktop) it shows “Couldn’t find the project data folder.” All my searching failed to find it and put it on the Desktop by the Aup. File. Any idea where to find it? Audacity only has “Open recent” which is of vey few files.
Your help is appreciated.
All the best in 2022,
I have Audacity 2.4.1 and macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6

If you normally do all your capture and recording on your desktop and the _DATA folder isn’t there, that’s not good news.

It’s not a mystery what the folder name is. It’s closely related to the .AUP file.

What’s the filename? You can get into trouble by using punctuation marks other than underscore and -dash-. Something very serious happened because Audacity writes the .AUP file last.

We’ll see if anybody else has any ideas.

It is recommended that you File > Export a perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) sound file first as protection before you create the Audacity Project. Also, depending on the configuration of your machine and room, double record the interview on your phone.

If you’re recording live or hands-free, that can work way better than you think. Both of these samples were recording on a phone.


Was it the second interview? Did you close Audacity after the interview? If you didn’t, then you might be able to Edit > UNDO and crank your way back to the recording. If you closed Audacity and/or the machine, that’s not going to work.


Thank you all for trying to help.
I did not export my recordings (should it be in Wav or MP3?) but I never before did and the recordings were still always there.
This time recording number 1 was on my desktop but not the second recording. When I brought the Aup. and the data files of recording 2 to my desktop, recording 1 vanished. It is still on the desktop but when I press on it I get that message about unavailability.

I think I kept my computer on all the time but maybe not.

Why does Audacity keep so few files in its “Open Recent” place?
Anyway, may the new year be one with such cliches and with much joy and well being.

(should it be in Wav or MP3?)

WAV (Microsoft). That’s a perfect quality, uncompressed sound format that’s more or less universal. It will open up on all three computer platforms. 44100, 16-bit, Stereo WAV is the format on Audio CDs.

MP3 is an end-product format. That’s the one you make for your personal music player to go running on the beach. MP3s can have small compact, convenient files and the only thing wrong with them is you can’t easily make them into anything else without causing sound damage. They are the final product, not a step in the middle.

I make WAV files any time I record original content no matter what it is.

Including one of these.


Then on to production, filtering, effects, editing, and corrections. No matter what the delivery is, I make a WAV Edit Master for archive.


I brought the Aup. and the data files of recording 2 to my desktop, recording 1 vanished.

I need to drop for a while.