Could someone pleeeaaaaase try to remove voice from this song?

There’s a song on YouTube of which I would need an instrumental/karaoke version. I’m just a beginner in Audacity. I just used the ‘voice removal’ function, without any adaptions in the settings (because I have no clue) … but the result is really poor. In the chorus, there still is some voice… which is not a real big problem, but - which is FAR more important - the overall quality of the sound is very poor after ‘voice removal’ . I just need to do this once, with this particular song… so I hope to find an angel who would be willing to do this for me, and can do better than I can. Please pretty please?? The song is . I used to download the mp from Youtube, which worked fine for me.

The “Vocal Remover” effect works pretty well on the verses:

The choruses are problematic because the vocals are spread across the stereo field. Vocal Remover will reduce the vocals in the choruses, but they will still be very noticeable.

Did you search for an instrumental or Karaoke version? You can also search for a MIDI version. (MIDI can have vocal-like sounds but no lyrics.)

the overall quality of the sound is very poor after ‘voice removal’ .

It usually is… I consider “vocal removal” to be a “novelty effect”. It can be fun to play with but you rarely get professional sounding results.

“You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry an egg, and you can’t un-mix a song”.

Pros record in multi-track with every instrument/voice on a separate track so they can adjust/process/re-record any of the parts without re-recording the whole thing.

I totally agree that a perfect result is impossible. But I hope someone can help me to do a little better, by adjusting some settings? It’s not just a big deal that there are some lyrics left in the chorus… the main thing is that I would love to have a little better quality… so maybe ‘removing’ just a bit less?

The best result I got was to use “Vocal Remover” with the default settings as shown here: