Could Now Write to File: Error Flushing File

I was using audacity to record a live radio show so that I could save the audio for uploading to a podcast. After about an hour of recording and hitting stop, a box popped up titled “Error Writing Autosave File”, saying “Couldn’t write to file [default file name that all audacity recordings go]: Error Flushing File.”
I don’t know much information about the comp software as there is no start menu/way to view comp specs - the computer (Dell) mainly is just used for audacity recording. This was about a week ago - I’m wondering if there’s any chance that the audio was saved to a temporary or backup file, and where I would start looking for that.

Make sure you are using the current Audacity 2.1.2 from This version is much less likely to produce an error saving the AUTOSAVE file.

If you still have Audacity open and showing the recorded waveform, try File > Export Audio… as WAV. If you closed Audacity using the Audacity menus and did not save changes, the recording would be discarded.

Here is one way to open full system information on Windows 8: