"Could not load the library" error message when Enabling Waves Plugin

I seem to be unable to enable the Waves Ns1 noise reducer plugin in Audacity (I’m running version 2.4.1).

I just got a new laptop (which runs Windows 10), changed the License for the plugin over to the new laptop, put a copy of Ns1 into the “plugins” folder in Audacity, go to the Add/Remove plugins tab in Audacity, and am making sure to enable the 32bit option, but every time I click “ok” after enabling in Audacity, I get a “could not load the library” error message.

I know that Audacity is not an officially supported host for Waves, but I’ve successfully installed their plugins into it on previous computers. Has it just stopped being compatible, or is there something I’m doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Have you ever successfully used this specific plug-in with Audacity, or just some other Waves plug-ins?

Same problem here. Plugin (v9.92 waves) works on my older computer, all I see is the waveshell in the add plugins dialog (should see the actual wave plugins instead I believe). I’m using V2.3.3 on both.

Got it to work. I think I first closed Audacity then deleted:
C:\Users\RoadR\AppData\Roaming\Waves Audio\Preferences (a folder)

Then opened Audacity (blank project), added a track, then added the WaveShell plugin. At that point WaveShell scanned for plugins and added 6 in my case (mono and stereo versions of three deterrent plugins I had licenses for). Two of the licenses I got as free giveaways by Waves, the other a 7 day demo I never “cashed in”. Obviously most users of a free “DAW” aren’t gonna buy licenses LOL.

I’m not 100% sure that’s all I did - I messed about for about 5 @#$%^&* hours all told :-/

The first deletion I found in a post here as recommended by Waves themeselves. The other two deletions are for the long standing “feature”/bug in Audacity where it has no way to remove a plugin from the list that doesn’t exist anymore :-/