Could not find project data folder error message

Hi there,

I am trying to open a file I was working on last night and I keep getting these 2 error messages.
“Could not find the project data folder”
“Could not load file”

I know I’m getting them because the data file is missing (I searched my entire computer for it with no avail).

I was combining the audio from 2 files into one, so I copied File1.aup and renamed it, and then manually copied the audio from File2.aup into the File1copy.aup.
I assume when you copy a file it still creates a data folder, right?

How do I fix this and find the data folder/open my file?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

If I read that right, the short answer is you can’t do any of those things. Can you put it all back the way it was?

If you open an AUP file in a text editor, it will tell you what the original show name was.

It won’t be this neat and orderly. This is just for graphic presentation. See where it says projname=" about three lines down?

As much as possible put everything back in the original folders, locations and names.


If you manually interfere with Audacity projects you will probably just destroy them, as you found out. You must not do renames and copying in the same folder.

Are you saying you opened the two AUP files in Audacity, copied the audio in project 2 and pasted it into the project 1 window? If so what you should have done then is close the second project window, delete the project 2 AUP file and _data folder, then File > Save Project As… and save as file 2.aup. Then delete the project 1 AUP file and _data folder.