Could not find project data folder/ Could not load file

Using Samsung laptop-Windows 7 Home Premium-64 bit O.S. SP1
Audacity 2.1.1
Trying to open recently edited file.
Recording has been straight into audacity using a usb microphone. Atr 2100 usb Cardioid Microphone
The project was recorded and saved as a .aup file. Later the project was edited, saved again, and the window closed. Other windows of audacity were open on other projects that had been edited recently. Multiple projects that had recently been edited are now unable to be found when the file is selected for opening.
-Could not find project data folder
followed by:
-Could not load file

Please help! These files represent hours of audio and editing that we would have to recreate, and it seems to happen to anything we are editing, right now.

a .aup file.

Quick note. An Audacity Project has an AUP file which is a Project Manager for all that stuff in the _DATA folder of the same name. You need both. They have to be in the same location or folder to open and you can’t change the names after they’re made.

For example: MyMinuet.aup file and MyMinuet_data folder. Can you find the matching combinations?

I’m curious how you got multiple shows to open in Audacity. Audacity is not multi-tasking and it’s famous for its warning Audacity Is Already Running!!!.


If the problem continues after looking for the _data folders, please restart Audacity and open just one project. Then go to Help > Show Log… , save the log and attach it here. Please see here for how to attach files: