Could not find any audio devices

I just installed Audacity 2.1.2 on Windows 10.
Upon attempting to open the program, I am receiving the following error message:

Could not find any audio devices
You will not be able to record or play audio.
Error: Internal PortAudio Error

The audio on my computer is working so I am stumped as to why I am receive this message. Any ideas?

Did your computer come with Windows 10, or did Windows update to Windows 10? If the latter, then your sound card drivers will probably need to be updated.
Note that Windows will only install generic drivers, not the ones that are specifically designed for your hardware, so while they will usually provide basic playback functionality, recording is often a problem. See here for more information about updating drivers:

If that does not fix the problem, or if your computer already has the most up to date drivers available from the manufacturer, then you could try the 2.1.3-alpha version of Audacity which may be more tolerant of poor drivers. See here for more details: