Could I BLOCK Sample Rate?

as a default it’s 44100 but everytime I put like Skype talk to the Project - the rate changes - it goes down. Sometimes I forget to put it back to 44,1 in left down corner - is there a way to keep it 44,1 whatever happens? Whatever rate I put in the Project?

I’m not sure what you mean by that.

If you open a file Audacity into a new-blank project the Project Rate will change to match that file. That only happens with the 1st file… If you import another track/file it won’t change.

Audio recorded from skype is in 32000 - and it changes all the Project when I put it in it

Still - it complicates a lot for my collegues. So there’s no chance to freeze it at 44100? :frowning:

Personally I’d love to make Audacity always use the default unless the user explicitly changes the Project Rate. However, the “first import overrides the default project rate” has been present in Audacity for a very long time and I’m not allowed to change it.

Considering that you are working with a 32000 Hz track, why do you need to change the Project Rate to 44100? Couldn’t you just leave it at 32000?

It’s obvious to leave this default setting since the Users are used to it. But maybe, in Preferences, there would be a chance for a “block Sample Rate” button that somebody wanting to have it frozen could ‘check’'?

I don’t work on 32, I work on 44,1 but some of the files I work on (like Skype audios) are in 32 :frowning: