Could anyone figure out this audio format for us?

Hi, I’m JaoSming an admin for the NLSC (NBA Live Series Center) which is a site/forum dedicated to basketball video games.

With 2k9, soundtracks and other audio files were contained in raw bin files with the following settings

With NBA 2k10, they changed audio formats on us. To allow for custom soundtracks/updated announcer speech and other community updates to the game we need to figure out what the new compression is for the bin files. We have been trying dumb stuff since the game came out last october just plugging it into different programs and have come up with nothing. I’m hoping someone would be willing to help us out and figure out how to edit these audio files.

Thanks for any help or leads. If this is the wrong section or know of somewhere I can get help with this by all means let me know. Thanks (around 8 megs, 2 bin files that are known audio files for the game)

why not just ask them what they did ?

unfortunately all attempts to contact the developers end with no response or “I’ll be sure to ask them” with no follow ups or answers for progress.

just who is this they you can’t get an answer from ??

sounds like they dont want you messing with their content

trying to unravel some new compression and or encryption of their files is a job for nsa, kgb, mossad, etc. , not us

*.jpgs are for still picture images. if they are using steganography to hide audio in photos you may not be able to find anyone to help you.

and this effort could be complicated by different bit depths, perhaps also the sampling rates.

if the developers wont talk to you
go to their boss and his boss all the way to the top honcho

Where did the .bin files come from?

clearly from those people who wont tell him what they are doing to the files

Have they been “extracted” from a video format?
“.BIN” is not a usual extension for audio files - not even for headerless raw audio data - if they are from a video format it may be possible to determine the correct format from the original file, but because raw audio data is headerless there is an absence of clues at to what the format is.

it’s from the PC Video Game NBA 2k10

this is a tutorial on replacing music in 2k9, which used the same file names but the same procedure doesnt work in 2k10. and replacing the old files in the newer game doesnt work either.

these bin files have not been extracted from anything nor touched in anyway, they are straight from the game files.

Is there any kind of debugger or something that could tell me what bit rate or whatever the file is?

I think you’re out of luck. I suspect that the audio is compressed/encoded in some way, but I don’t see any clues as to what type of encoding has been used. 2K Sports have probably done this in an attempt to protect their copyright.

which if i cant open like i did last year than I’m not going to cry and whine about it

thanks for your help