corupt file

I created a podcast interview (done this many times with audacity). Hoping there is a way to recover this file.

Which Audacity?

The older “2” Version was pretty brittle and had a history of collapsing and taking the show with it. The newer Version 3 has problems, too, but carries everything in one file and is more robust.

When did it fail? After you pressed Stop but before you tried to edit or save it? If it’s version 2 ( 2.4.2, say) sometimes you can recover a show with the blockfile times and dates. If you were editing it, I think that’s the end of the world.


I see it. It’s 3.1.3.

Are you working with External, Network, or Cloud Drives? Audacity doesn’t like those very much and may scramble a show at random.

There are rescue processes for Audacity 3.1.3.


I have no notes about this. I bet I’m on the wrong machine.

Jademan produced and published a rescue plan and this is me looking for it.

Did you do something normal like running out of space on your machine? It would be good to check that before we start down the rescue path.


Thanks, Koz.
I’m using 3.1.3
Created the file last week.
Worked on it today.
Saved, closed up the computer.
When came back to continue editing, got the message you see.

Yes. There is a way - and with a pretty good (but not perfect) success rate! :smiley:

See: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

Have to ask, is the utility download from a trusted site? working on work computer and dont’ want to risk any damage to the device.

We have heard of no issues with this site. Also, I believe that github requires all posters to use two-factor authentication.

Personally, whenever I download a program, I right-click on it and run Microsoft Defender before running it.

When you get that far, drop a few notes how it went good or bad. User experiences are terrifically important.

This isn’t a massive corporation with thousands of testers and analyzers. Until relatively recently, this was Audacity’s Land’s End World Headquarters.

It does have WiFi. We get it from the nice woman at the Land’s End Gift Shop.