Corruption Maybe?

I am not exactly the brightest bulb. That being said I never got any errors from the program. I saved it on both my PC and my laptop and shut it down an hour or two ago. Both computers are on Windows 10. My Microsoft Surface Go (my laptop) is using the Microsoft store audacity as I can’t download programs to this computer I have to get them from the store. My PC is running the newest edition of audacity.

I recorded audio from my Surface go and saved it to a portable hard drive. Was able to reopen the file and edit it on my PC. I’m now at a new location and wanted to try and get a few more edits in, I had saved the file before turning off the pc to my portable hard drive and didn’t shut down my pc or remove the hard drive until the save was completely done, no error messages were given. I tried to open the .AUP file on my surface Go to get more edits in and it’s just a loud screeching noise.

All my audio seems fine in the _data file but it’s all split into pieces. The recording was only 8minutes long tops. I attached the .aup file. There are no error messages for me to attach as none were given.

If anyone can help me save my project I’d be very grateful, I haven’t the time to rerecord it again as it’s a project with a due date coming up in a few hours and I didn’t pack my microphone with me to do any recordings.

If it’s not possible I understand.

I know y’all have answered things like this before but I couldn’t find a post with my exact circumstances, as I have no error and I have access to both files just the .aup is a wreck. Again if you can help, if there’s any way to help me out of this predicament I’d be eternally grateful.
Cereal Vid Audio Audacity File.aup (83.8 KB)

If you are using the “Blusky Software Inc.” version of Audacity, their website says:

Besides creating excellent software solutions, we also provide product & technical support. Simply put, we pride ourselves in aiding your needs for essential software. And, we want to bring enjoyment and convenience to the experience of using your computer devices.

They can be contacted here:
of by email:

I’d also suggest that you check that “Software Playthrough” is OFF (not selected) in “Transport menu > Transport options” (assuming that their version has that setting).

Tip for the future:

Make backup WAV file copies of your project at known good safe stages, particularly after initial recording.

a) for a single track project this is dead easy

b) for a single track project with a label track you may want to export a safety copy of the label track

c) for a multi-track project export each track as a separate WAV file (you can use Export Multiple for this)


I got lucky and my backup save on my pc was fine. Thanks for replying

I always LOVE the power of good backups :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


I’m obsessive with backing up but the corruption still made the end project worse unfortunately. I just didnt have the time to do more than just a basic edit. It is what it is. Back up your stuff folks you never know.

I’m obsessive too - this is what I wrote in tha Manual a while ago:

And for all my LP/tape digibitted files (and my photos) backups I have 2 x 2TB USB disks at home and another 2TB offsite (in a different country). I really don’t want to lose any of that hard-won data.