Corrupted titles of in/outs (2.0.6) on OS X w czech locales

since Audacity 2.0.6 names/titles of Inputs and Output looks weird:
A 2.0.6 - in_out (eng).png
Corrupted playback device name should be “Vestavěný výstup” (in System Preferences->Audio it is called “Interní reproduktory”).
Corrupted recording device names should be “Vestavěný mikrofon” and “Vestavěný vstup” (in System Prefs->Audio they’re called “Interní mikrofon” and “Linkový vstup”).
OS X (10.9.5) localization is “Czech” (Audacity language selected english - but it doesn’t affect these names).

In previous version of Audacity (2.0.5) these inputs/outputs was named in english (regardless of OS localization and/or Audacity language selection). It wasn’t a problem, still better english than gibberish:
A 2.0.5 - in_out (eng).png
A 2.0.5 - in_out (cze).png

Thanks for the report. Yes I can confirm that. I think this may have happened because for 2.0.6 the folders for translations were moved inside the Audacity bundle ( is actually a folder on Mac OS X). That allowed some items in the Audacity menu bar to be translated into the system language, irrespective of what language Audacity was set to.

If my guess is correct, the question is why the translations are not made correctly.

I’ll see if I can find anything out.


Problem is not due to translation, but probably due to bad(?) handling with utf-8/non-utf-8 strings (or something like that).
I found these device names in “Audio MIDI Setup”(a bit confusing name of app) so they’re really exists directly in system, not in Audacity and its translation files:
Audio MIDI Setup.png

Yes that is what I meant. Moving the language files into the app bundle is presumably causing the system translations of device names to be used, but those translations are not displaying correctly in Audacity. Audacity does not supply translations of device names. Leland (a Mac developer) will have a quick look at the problem.

If this is a big problem for you and you don’t mind Audacity running in English, then right-click over > Show Package Contents, then open the “Contents” folder then the “Resources” folder. Rename cs.lproj to xx.lproj or something that is unused and restart Audacity. Then everything in Audacity will be in English including the device names.


Ah, ok. Sorry, misunderstood on my side.

I’m able to reproduce this (which is the biggest part of the battle), so I hope to be able to track it down in short order. I’m pretty sure kmarty is correct about UTF mishandling, but time will tell.


I tracked down the problem to the way we were converting device names given to us by portaudio. Here’s what I was getting before the fix (Audacity is in English, OSX is in French):
And here’s what I get after:
Notice it’s also fixed in the Device toolbar.


Thanks, Leland for taking time to look at it. :slight_smile:

Assuming this bug is in Audacity, could you commit your fix or post a patch on bugzilla for review?


Bug created:

But, you’d better check it…would you believe this is probably the first bug I’ve created myself? I always just go off what you’ve put out there. :smiley:


there are corruptions of UI Popup menu Text @ japanese aiso.

OS: Mac OS X 10.9.5
Interface language: engilsh
スクリーンショット 2014-10-09 13.28.26.png

The same fix will correct that too. But, Gale has noticed that even with the fix there is a truncation of the name. Still trying to figure that on out.