Corrupted file


I recorded a long file (9h) with audacity, i could listen this file this monrning but not now.

It seems corrupted
Sooner I could open it with a message and three choices

  • do not take into account the missing blocks (i choosed this one)
  • repair it
  • and another one I do not remind of

But it didn’t restore the features.

Now only the length of the file appears when I open it, and no sound

Any help ?


Was this recording at a high sample rate such as 96000 Hz? If so, the problem is orphaned block files in the saved project - please see . This is not completely recoverable unless you are prepared to spend much effort.

If the error said the block files were missing, then the problem might be recoverable if you can locate the block files that Audacity says are missing.

Please attach the log file from Help > Show Log… if you need more help. See for how to attach files.