Corrupted aup3 files


I’ve a strange problem here with Audacity 3.3.3 on Windows (10 an 11).
Steps to reproduce: Download wav file from here (7zipped):

  • Load this .wav file
  • Save as aup3 project
  • Close Audacity
  • Reload aup3 project
  • Project is empty now, after closing Audacity the aup3 file size is truncated to 20 kB!

Any ideas?
Thanks and bye,

I don’t know but are you sure it’s an “audio file”?

Where did the file come from and what are you trying to do?

It has ridiculous resolution, it’s less than 1/10th of a second long, and it’s mostly ultrasonic.

I would guess the sample rate is overflowing a variable in Audacity.

Yes, you’re right here. It’s a baseband recording from a HackRF sampled with 20 MHz.
It is a sample of these Thinkbee switches (switched on) at 433 MHz. I try to do a signal
analysis in order to control an MCU with these switches.
Opening the .wav file, cutting and zooming seems not to be a problem though…