Corrupted Audio

I was sent an audio recording by a friend for a class project. It was recorded on this program and is a .aup file. I imported it using the Audio first, got an error, then I used the Raw Data. It loaded successfully, but it didn’t play what I recorded. It sounded like the sound was either bunched together or was recorded by an air conditioner. Please tell me how to fix this.

Your friend sent you part of an Audacity project, but didn’t send you the data to go with it.
See here for more information:

Ask him or her to send you an MP3 or WAV file. Of course, MP3 is lossy compression so don’t use it for any “serious” audio production. (If you want MP3, make an MP3 once, as the final step.)

I wouldn’t recommend sharing, copying, or moving AUP projects unless it’s absolutely necessary. (I rarely make an AUP file… I usually work with WAVs.)