Corrupted audio tracks in 2.2.2

Hi all. I produce a radio show on 2.2.2 for Mac, which I’ve just started using after working with Audacity for over the last decade. It’s a music show.

Since I’ve installed 2.2.2 there’s been some weird stuff happening with the music tracks I play:

  • Sometimes, after I open a file that I’ve recently edited, I’ll get the pop-up message that there are missing alias summary files. I normally choose the “safe and recommended” option of regenerating the summary files. This has happened before 2.2.2, but only after my computer crashed while Audacity was open. Now it happens regularly.

  • When I regenerate the summary files, most of the time 2.2.2 screws up at least one of the tracks, blending fragments of one track in the file with another.

For example – let’s say I’m doing a show with multiple tracks. Let’s say two of them are “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Stairway to Heaven,” in that order.

After I finish compiling the tracks, I save the file. A few days later I open the file to edit. I get that “missing alias summary files” message. I select the regenerate option.

Then I go to the track that has “Stairway to Heaven” on it. In a couple of spots on the “Stairway to Heaven” track, it suddenly switches and plays a quick fragment of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Then it goes back to “Stairway.”

This tends to happen to songs that are in the latter part of the file. Every file for my show is exactly 27 minutes long, and this thing seems to happen with songs coming around the 21-25 minute mark.

Any suggestions? Thank you. – P

Are you using the older reference system where Audacity notes where the sound files are and doesn’t make personal copies of them?

If you are, where are the music files? Network or cloud drive?

Are you jamming your whole show into one timeline instead of stacking all the parts top to bottom and create shifted tracks and holes in the appropriate places?

after I open a file that I’ve recently edited

Open a Project you recently edited? Calling a Project a “sound file” is dangerous. It can be many multiple files and folders.