Corrupt install??

I have two PCs: 1) Office 2) Studio. Both on Win10. Both on 2.4.1
Office PC behaves and Audacity works as expected.
And it worked fine on my studio computer until I played with some system level sound changes, like changing from 48 to 44,100 and trying different settings to get more gain from my mic. This is not wizard level playing, just sound settings.

Then I opened the program and it will not allow me to create AND record a second track. Please see this screenshot:

I get the two red arrows above and it freezes LIKE its recording, but nothing happens. So I hit stop.

I’ve uninstalled via 1) System uninstall. 2) Audacity Repair/uninstall (running install exe again) and 3) removing the program through CCleaner AND deleting the PC/Windows/Programs86 folder and more. Then reinstalled using the same install file I originally installed both PCs with, then also this last time through downloading a fresh install file and all this still exists. Last two installs I told it to also overwrite the preferences.

HELP!! I really depend on this program. Thanks all.

Using a WARM 47jr mic> SSL-3 Interface-> J5 create USB hub-> HP Spectre x2 laptop/tablet-> WIn10

One other point: Through all the installs and attempts to clear this program, Macros I created earlier still load with the fresh install. I should be starting at ground zero with everything!! No?

If the Audacity project-rate and the input device sample-rate do not match, Audacity may not be able to record from it.
Try making the sample rates for Audacity & your input device the same (both 48K, or both 44.1kHz).

Thanks. I’d done that, thanks. I just started the program to be sure. I can ALWAYS start and record on the first track. It appears the issue is attempting to add the second track.
Here’s what I just did; on track one: Started and stopped recording 6 times. No issues.

Then I added a track and cannot record to it. NOR can I go back and record on track one.

However, when I delete track two, I can go back and append to track one, recording at the end.

Here’s a similar problem/solution …

Thank you again. Similar issue, but I’m not getting any error code. All the settings, etc. have been checked and rechecked OFTEN.

How do you get further help when there are no answers in the forum?

I’d suggest removing the USB hub from the signal chain. USB hubs frequently cause problems when streaming audio or video.

It’s possible the problem is the settings on your audio interface.

Some can be set to attenuate/mute one signal when another signal is present, (a/k/a auto-ducking in real-time).

e.g. when interface detects the sound output from the computer, it mutes the input on the second track, => no recording.
(There’s no problem when recording the first track, as there was no sound from the computer when it was made).

As an experiment, generate a first track which is true silence.
Then try to record on a new track via your interface, (any auto-ducking feature should not be activated by silence).

Thanks. There are no “controllable” settings on my SSL-2, but that gave me an idea. I did a total remove/reinstall of both Audacity and the SSL-2 interface and poof-> problem fixed. It took a couple restarts, but it fixed itself.

THANK YOU. I can now record multiple tracks!!

Well, not so fast.

Shut the PC down for lunch, came back and the behavior is back.
:cry: :angry:

Uninstalled the SSL-2 interface again, but no fix this time.

How do you synchronize ssl2 with audacity? (bit & khz)

What’s the problem?