Corrupt .aup3 file

Hey All!

I spent several hours editing an episode of my podcast on a mac with a bad battery. I keep it plugged in al the time and if I accidentally disconnect it from the power source, it shuts off immediately. This happened several times in the past while working in audacity without any issues, but this time, I corrupted the .aup3 file.

It’s an 11.3GB file. Is there any chance of recovering it?


Don’t delete any files!

What happens when you launch Audacity? It should attempt automatic recovery.

Hi Steve,

It attempted to recover the session, but none of the tracks appeared.

I spent several hours editing an episode of my podcast on a mac with a bad battery.

What are your plans to fix that? Sooner or later, your Mac is going to start destroying valuable work and it’s not going to come back. You may be there now.

We had two people with broken Macs at work. One had a broken wall power brick and the other had an internal battery well beyond its service life. The broken power brick was easy, that’s one is a fire hazard. The other one was old enough to have a replaceable battery, so we got a new one.

If you have one of the newer Macs with the bolted-in battery, you may be stuck with a new Mac. Even if you get Apple to sell you a replacement Mac (which is possible), what they’re going to do is sell you a new, inna-box Mac and it’s up to you and your backups, Time Machines, and saved files to put everything back together. You keep data backups, right? You have WAV files of all your podcasts and production files? External drives or iCloud backups? Normally, iCloud is not a good idea because it can’t be used directly with Audacity, but if you keep the two separate, it’s a valuable resource.


Hi Koz,

The battery can be replaced; I just haven’t gotten around to it. I have backup files of all my final episodes on a gDrive.

Just need to restore this session and I’ll be more careful in the future. =)

Can anyone else provide a suggestion to repair the file? Thanks!

As a desperation move, you can try Audacity 3.0.3 RC02:

Note, it should not be used for production work, and backward compatibility is not guaranteed.