Correcting a section


I am sure the answer to this is ridiculously simple, but after an hour of searching I still have not been able to find it. Or, rather, I found an answer, but it does not seem to work with the the version of Audible I have.

I simply want to correct a section of a track I am recording. I am not talking about punch and roll, which seems to delete everything I have recorded after the section I want to correct. I want to re-record the section, and insert it into the track.

I found this great video here, which explains how to do it very easily by adding a marker, which brings up a new track with the section marked in - then when the narrator hits the record button a third track appears, in which he narrates his correction.

However, in my version of Audible (2.3.1) I do not get me the option “Add label at selection”. I managed to work around it with the “command B” keyboard option, but when I hit record it does not provide me with the third track like in the video, but rather starts recording at the end of the first track - the one I want to correct.

This is so frustrating, and I can’t find anything for the newer version of Audacity that I am using. Can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to make this happen in the newer versions?

Thanks so much.


Audible (2.3.1)

It’s Audacity. If you’re actually using Audible, then you may have a separate company version. That’s allowed, but confusing.

R will add work to the end of the existing track. Shift+R will make a new track.

You can reverse these in Audacity > Preferences > Recording: New Track.

R used to start a new track and it turned out most people wanted it to add work to the end of an existing track. It got reversed a couple of versions ago.


AUDACITY. Obviously. facepalm My mistake.

Thanks for the answer. I found the setting to start a new track in preferences.

Have a look at this mini-tutorial in the Audacity Manual “Tutorial - Punch-in repair of recordings”:


Thanks for pointing this out WC. I have been doing this with a much more complicated process and this is going to help me cut down on a lot of the post-processing I am doing. Well not cut down on it, but certainly, speed it up. I didn’t know about mix and render. Lack of tool knowledge is killing my productivity.

Next, I need to find a way to more quickly fix the spacing in my narration. Sentence Breaks, Comma, Paragraphs, etc. Right not I am fixing nearly every single one by hand. Select full gap, do the math on the selection size, reduce the selection and then cut. Repeat at the next gap, until brain damage occurs.