Correcting a drum beat

I have recorded an drum audio track using the drums on a keyboard. There are some out of time beats and I want to avoid have to re record the whole track. I there an auto-correction function in Audacity or can I correct individual beats?

There is no “auto correct” feature.
If you just need to correct a few beats

  1. Create a new track (Tracks menu) - mono or stereo to match your original track.
  2. Select the beat that you want to correct (you will probably need to zoom in
  3. “Split Delete” (in the “Edit” menu, or Alt+Ctrl+K)
  4. Enter” to deselect the current track
  5. Cursor down to the new track
  6. Enter” to select the new track
  7. Paste into the track below (Ctrl+V)
  8. Adjust the position as required using the Time Shift tool

Thanks, I will try that.