Correcting a dragging casset tape recording

Had to quickly record a very old tape…result was a lot of distortion (dragging tape sound)
I increased speed to 1.2 in EFFECTS. now a little more understandable.
Anything else I can do? Cannot get tape back…and do not care if perfect…just want to hear the instructional tape.

Dragging is a speed problem, so what you already did is the best solution (unless you can fix the tape or try another tape machine). The problem is, the speed usually isn’t constant with a dragging tape so you usually can’t perfectly correct it.

…result was a lot of distortion (dragging tape sound)

“Distortion” is usually that nasty/ratty sound you get when you turn up the volume too loud or record the tape too loud. There isn’t much you can do about that kind of distortion.

…now a little more understandable.

If it sounds dull/muffled you can try using the Equalization effect to boost the high frequencies (maybe above 4khz). Boosting the high frequencies will bring-out the “T” & “S” sounds, which can help with intelligibility. I recommend using the Equalization effect in the Graphic Equalizer mode, and the higher frequencies are on the right.