correct volume jumps [SOLVED]


i have several records, that were recorded with a device with defective contact.
the audacity wave looks like this:
here is the audio sample:

the sound jumps directly up to a very loud decibel level and jumps back to low level a moment later.
i want to adjust the 2 sound levels, that you can hear no (or nearly no) difference.
i can to this by hand by selecting a loud level range and reduce the decibel level with the normalize-effect.

is there a way to do this for the whole file (more than one hour) to adjust the 2 sound levels to one soudn level?
i tried with compressor, but without success

I doubt that you’ll get it perfect but you could try the “PopMute” plug-in available here:
Instructions to install:

As a starting point, try settings of:

Then amplify the result using the Amplify effect.

There is a help file included in the PopMute plug-in that may help you to tweak the parameters for slightly better results.


thanks for the fast answer… that was exactly what i’m looking for