Correct order for applying effects

Audacity 2.1.2
Windows 10

I would like to perform the following on our church service recordings
Noise reduction - Amplify(if applicable) – Compressor – Normalise
Is this the correct order in which to perform these operations?
Thank you in anticipation

That looks good. Generally, it’s best to do noise reduction before compression of leveling because you’d like the noise to remain as constant as possible. (If noise reduction is working for you, great, but it usually doesn’t work very well with the acoustic noises you’re likely to pick-up in a church and if mics are faded up & down, the noise will vary making it difficult to remove/reduce.)

Note that Amplify can be used for normalization unless you want to normalize right & left independently, or if you need to fix an offset, etc. Depending on your compressor settings you may not need to normalize, but it “never hurts” to normalize as the last step.

Thank you very much for your very prompt reply – I’ll experiment with your suggestions
Best Wishes