copyright music for utube & facebook etc

how can I attach a copyright protected song to my go pro video for facebook or utube ???
I have tried changing the speed & pitch by 1% which did not work

You mean a song where you own the copyright?

There are two concepts here:

  1. Copyright
  2. Protected

Copyright is automatic. As soon as you create a song, if it is “original”, you are covered by laws pertaining to Copyright. (information here: Although there is no requirement to do anything to establish Copyright, it is common practice for major copyright holders to have original manuscripts / recordings witnessed and signed by a solicitor / legal professional as “evidence” that the work was created at the time claimed.

Protection, also known as “Digital Rights Management” (DRM), or “Copy Protection”, are ways to inhibit unauthorised copying of copyright material. There is no way to “prevent” unauthorised copying - at best you can make it a little more difficult to reproduce the content entirely in the digital domain. There is also “watermarking”, which is when additional sounds are mixed-in with the track, such as the spoken word “Demo” at 10 second intervals.

As a participant in open source software, I am also a supporter of Creative Commons licensing. Before going overboard with copy protection / watermarking, consider what happens if millions of people make unauthorised copies of your song and it spreads to all corners of the globe - you become famous. On the other hand, you may have effectively protected the song, and sold a handful of copies to friends and family. A common business model in 21st century is to promote free distribution (YouTube, Twitter, Spotify,…) at least until the “product” is famous.

I think they mean defeat YouTube’s “Content ID” which automatically detects copyrighted audio & blocks the video.

That’s easier to answer: Don’t do it.
Some ideas here: