Copying material from Tutorials [CLOSED]

I am very pleased with my use of your help site. I do have a positive suggestion. The tutorials are easy to understand and very helpful. I like to print them out because I find it difficult to jump back and forth from the problem area and the tutorial, so I try to copy them on paper (Ctrl A, Ctrl C, Ctrl V). Unfortunately, only the text of the tutorial is copied…the diagrams are overlooked. It would be very helpful to me if the diagrams could be copied also.

Best regards…Claude

Doing a single copy from a web page isn’t going to work, at least on Windows, unless you can find a browser extension that does it somehow. You would have to copy the text, then right-click the image and save it, then embed the image in your document using whatever functions your word processor app has.

We don’t have a “Printable version” link in pages on Audacity Manual, so just use the File > Print menu item in your browser. If you have a PDF editor app, it may have installed a PDF printer, which lets you print the web page to a PDF file.


Now for a stupid question. I want to delete the portion that has the noise. How do I do that? Highlight it and click a “delete” button? I can’t find a “delete” button. Where is it?

“Edit menu > Delete”
or, press the “Del” key.

You will probably find this section of the manual helpful:

I think I have followed your instructions for copying the music to a CD using MS audio player, but I can’t get the audio player to recognize the Audacity file. Now a couple of new file types have shown up: the Audacity file with “.aup” and another with “-data” appended. The Media Player won’t recognize either one and also won’t recognize the original Audacity copy of the music either. So I am at a loss as to what to do. I will greatly appreciate your help.


To make an audio CD you must first “export” the audio from the Audacity project to make a normal audio file (an “Audacity project” is not a normal audio file. See here for how to export:

The recommended export format is “WAV”, or to give it its full name “Microsoft PCM WAV”. This is also the default export format in Audacity.

See here for a tutorial for making audio CDs:

And here Steve means the keyboard Del key not the numpad Del key.

Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut for the menu command which is Ctrl + K


I am going to close and lock this topic now because it is no longer about copying material from Tutorials.

Please start a new topic with a good, relevant title if you have more questions.